New Website and Launch Date

Welcome to our new website.  TeenBeautyFitness will be the new home of everyone’s favorite TTLModels. Various reasons for the change, the most immediate being that the server that TTLModels and some of the solo site models are hosted on are very outdated.  So outdated, or round about with different billing systems and download systems that it would’ve taken much longer or been almost impossible to try and upgrade it.  It was also an insecure server and suffered multiple break-ins so spammers could use it as a spam mail server or whatever else.

Another reason for the change is to add a new element to the teen web model world.  Thus far the vast majority if not basically all web model sites that have ever existed are focused around nothing more than beauty and glamour updates.  There is something else besides just beauty or glamour style content that could be just as intriguing or at very least a complimentary side to the teen web model world and that is fitness and exercise.  It will be part of our billing process, all payments will go through our fitness company ‘Belleza Fitness’ but besides that I am hoping I’ll be able to deliver a program that works out great for both models and fans.  Being models, they’ll get to take free fitness lessons as part of their participation with Teen Beauty Fitness, and for the fans – well – they’ll get to watch them!

My plan is to work with a local gym to set aside one day every week where all of our active models can attend class.  The updates I am planning on releasing here, from the fitness side, will be more of a candid/documentary approach as opposed to the typical studio/photoshoot style.  Hopefully it’ll be a hit and workout (no pun intended) nicely for everyone.

I’m working on the finishing touches of TeenBeautyFitness and am hoping to have the doors open for member signups between the 19th to 21st.

If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to use the contact form.  Comments will also be activated on each update item but you will need to be an active/paid member in order to comment.  Same short and sweet rules to commenting as always apply.


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