Model Ages – Luciana Model

Someone tried to post a comment about the age of Luciana.  “Doubt she’s 16” the comment said.  I knew it would happen because the same thing used to happen all the time with Maria Alejandra, except that she was even younger when she started modeling so even though she had a very curvy figure, it was quite obvious that she was indeed a 14-16 year old model and not an older girl posing as one.  Some silly people seem to think that a girl with a big chest immediately means she’s older, others that a girl with a big chest immediately means she has implants.  Neither of these are even close to being the case.  Every once in a while a special girl developes quite quickly and also much more than others.  It’s a beautiful thing!  I don’t have any kind of statistics infront of me but just throwing a number out there I would say that it’s less than one in a hundred.  Valentina Model also has had a very large chest when she started modeling at age 15, from her very first photoset.  It’s very likely that even at 14 and 13 years she had a very large chest.  This confusion with members and outside commeters alike still baffles me.  Girls do not start growing breasts at the age of 20 years old.  How silly must you be thinking that?  Try asking any busty female 20 years of age or above when they first started to form their large chest.  In anticipating these kinds of silly, ignorant accusations, I asked Luciana if she could provide and take new “selfie” type pics that illustrate a bit more of how teenish she actually is, at 16 years of age, even though she looks like a beautiful woman when taking photoshoot style pictures.

These selfie pics represent just a few of the many looks of this beautiful teenage model.  Teenage girls are experts at changing their look to either look younger at home, or older when they want to go out somewhere.

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