Continued Billing Issues

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Long story short, we’re still having issues with billing.  I still have a lot of great content saved up to release and we’re still doing a lot of shoots with old and new models, however due to some asshole ex-members reporting us to our payment processors, and payment processors tightening their fraud systems in general, we’re having continuous problems with billing.

With payment processors tightening their fraud systems affecting us, it doesn’t mean our sites are fraudulent, it means that these payment processors have more security checks in place when reviewing websites, and our sponsor websites like,, and now are constantly getting cut off.  There are more people comitting creditcard fraud online now more than ever, and unfortunately that means payment processors that used to be more lax (but still strict) are approving less and less websites as a whole, and cutting off more and more websites as a whole, sometimes just from sheer paranoia that fraud will take place.

A new cryptocurrency which I’m sure many have already heard about, and some are already using for signups, Bitcoin, plays a role in both helping and hurting the ability to accept payments.  Bitcoin can be totally anonymous and can be easy to use, once you get the hang of it.  However it’s not necessarily as easy as using a creditcard.  You have to find a way to deposit bitcoin, but once you have it, it’s easy to use and send and receive.  If you buy bitcoin with cash, it’s totally anonymous, if you buy it with a creditcard or bank transfer online, it can still be anonymous by transferring it from the service you used to purchase the bitcoin, to another bitcoin address(or addresses) that you own that are totally anonymous.

Bitcoin cannot get shut down, it’s impossible.  I could solve all these payment issues by simply only accepting Bitcoin on my websites, but the minor difficulties of getting started with Bitcoin worry me that it will turn many members away from signing up.  I’m sure many people will think that Bitcoin is too “techy” “difficult” or even illegal, but it’s not the case.  After a short learning curve you can easily buy and spend bitcoin as easily as you could use your traditional online banking account or paypal online.

I’m still working on a few last ways to see if I can get proper creditcard billing setup, if not, I may have to switch to using only Bitcoin, even if it’s less money, I won’t have to get stressed out about losing subscriptions or not being able to accept signups again.

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