Bonus Section and Activation Ready!

— This promotion is no longer available, only BellezaFitness account history is counted towards bonus levels.

The bonus area should be finally ready for downloads!  If you’ve had previous membership on our old sites, you might qualify to skip ahead level 1 and maybe level 2.

If you’ve had at least 3 completed payments on:

TTLModels (FileStoragePro)
DanielaFlorez (FileShifter)
HeidyModel (FileShifter)
MichelleRomanis (FileShifter)
ValentinaModel (OnlineGamePlace)
AngelitaModel (MyCoolFlashGames)

You can automatically jump to Trust Member Bonus Level 1 here on TeenBeautyFitness

If you’ve had at least 6 completed payments, you’ll be able to jump to Trusted Member Bonus Level 2.

Remember that it needs to be completed payments of the SAME subscription.  So if you’ve had 2 months of subscription on HeidyModel and 1 month on DanielaFlorez you will not be activated.

Keeping all that in mind, click on the button below to see if you qualify!



Some people seem to be confused.  You still need an active subscription here on TeenBeautyFitness FIRST before you can claim the bonus.

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