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Billing Website Will Change Again

Hi Everyone,

It looks like we’ll once again have to change billing websites.  It’s not something we like doing except when necessary.  This should have only happened once (or not at all) but unfortunately by trying to rush things and get things going quickly again it’s resulted in temporary solutions that end up breaking.

As always, your membership history will be retained, everything will remain basically the same, except that you will have to re-signup and match the new ‘mainstream’ subscription name to the teen model website subscription that you want, same as always.  A new coupon will be created that will allow you to re-signup for the same price as what a second month’s subscription would have costed, so it won’t cost you any more money to resignup.  One additional update will also be released on each site and on each bonus level of TBF and YFM.

SofiaSweety will also be closing, this is separate news that just came yesterday.  This wasn’t her decision or ours, but for family reasons she has moved from living with her mother to living with her father and will not be able to keep modeling, we only have a few updates left of her.  If she can continue sometime soon in the future, her site may re-open or she’ll be added to YFM updates again.

We appreciate your support and will try to make the transition process of billing websites as smooth as possible again, it shouldn’t be a big deal other than having to resignup again (for the rebill price instead of the initial price) and a bit of extra content.

For SUPPORT please make sure you follow the links and news on our TEEN MODEL WEBSITES, not by going directly to FileStoragePro or BellezaFitness.  If you access these sites directly after we’ve already changed to new billing sites, no one will respond.  Just follow Support links on our actual Teen Sites like TeenBeautyFitness, and we’ll continue to respond promptly.

Please continue to use your current account(s) until they expire, then resignup once your accounts are fully expired.  Later today or tomorrow the new signup forms will be in place.

Even though we didn’t reach the goals in the content vault, the videos from our TBF and YFM vaults will be released once the new billing is in place.


This will give you 8$ off the initial price of every subscription you signup for, it can only be used once per account, and will be available for the next month.

4 Responses to “Billing Website Will Change Again”

  1. adonn62 March 14, 2017 4:36 pm

    No matter what, still great sites. :cool:

  2. jd9114 March 15, 2017 2:47 pm

    Small inconvenience. Lets go guys, keep the momentum moving for the vault releases! Yesterdays video releases of Emily and Clarina…holy Wow batman! Also, for those who have yet to subscribe to Heidy, do yourself a favor and include her in your next subscription.

  3. xjr_bike March 21, 2017 5:56 am

    sorry to sound ignorant but, is the new billing in place only after our accounts run out and we resign in? if not, where is the new billing form…

  4. admin March 21, 2017 8:49 am

    Yes, please wait until your subscription expires and the signup form will appear automatically. Then you can use the coupon code and signup again under the new billing.