Better Mobile and Apple Support

Good news for iPhone, iPad and mobile phone users. For a long time I didn’t even realize that Apple products such as iPhones and iPads do not support downloading videos! Only streaming. They also seem to have a problem with downloading zip files in order to extract pictures. Last week we worked on configuring our downloads to work differently when our site is accessed from an iPhone, iPad and other smart phones. Downloads should now work better, without having to purchase/download additional applications from your Apple Store/Android store, though I still strongly recommend downloading from a wired internet connection on a Windows PC for best results!

I also notice that many Android phones do not come with a very useful download manger without downloading something from Google Play store.  I recommend ADM (Advanced Download Manager).  There’s a free version with some advertisements, or a “Pro” (paid) version.  This isn’t necessary for downloading from our website but it does add a bit more organization and reliability.

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